CL Pocket Mountain Edition – for views that go on and on

mai 02 2017


CL Pocket Mountain Edition – for views that go on and on
CL Pocket Mountain Edition – for views that go on and on
  • CL Pocket Mountain Edition – for views that go on and on
  • CL Pocket Mountain Edition – for views that go on and on
  • Leave the daily routine behind and get into nature! The CL Pocket Mountain is now available, a new version of the proven CL Pocket binoculars that offer exceptional optical performance and viewing comfort, while still being small enough to accompany you on all your adventures. These outstanding features make the CL Pocket Mountain a perfect companion for anyone who enjoys spending time with nature and wants to be constantly surprised.

    The possible uses for SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s smallest and lightest binoculars are almost limitless. Whether you’re on a challenging mountain hike or a relaxing walk – the CL Pocket Mountain binoculars will broaden your horizons in terms of eventful experiences with their crystal clear optics, compact design, and practical accessories. They are rugged, dust- and waterproof. Combined with their high-quality design, they are ideal for intensive use. These compact binoculars are available with two different magnifications (8x25 and 10x25). The new product design ties in appropriately with the “mountain” theme, with its black and anthracite color scheme. An orange field bag and a carrying strap with a climbing rope look add the finishing touches to the Mountain package.

    Small outside, big inside
    CL Pocket Mountain binoculars offer unique optical quality of the highest order in the compact range. When folded up, the CL Pocket are compact binoculars, but, open them up, and you have 100% binoculars with no compromise. Excellent edge sharpness and the high transmission provide high-contrast, razor-sharp, color-true images, while the large field of view and total suitability for eyeglass wearers ensure comfortable observation.

    Ergonomic design and easy handling
    Thanks to the foldable bridge design, these compact binoculars fit in the smallest pocket. An ergonomic, rugged design with an aluminum housing ensures stable handling and optimum viewing comfort. Their intuitive operation make the CL Pocket Mountain binoculars easy to use and, therefore, ready for any discovery.

    A proven SWAROVSKI OPTIK success story
    First introduced in 1989, the compact “Pocket” binoculars are one of SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s most successful products. They have evolved into faithful, reliable companions for a wide range of activities. The SWAROVSKI OPTIK CL family was launched in 2011 with the CL Companion binoculars. Since then SWAROVSKI OPTIK has been offering nature lovers and thrill-seekers a range of binoculars providing the perfect combination of optical quality and size, with no compromises.

    The new CL Pocket Mountain binoculars are available from March 15th, 2017 at authorized SWAROVSKI OPTIK dealers and online at

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