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Minimizing stress through training – a biathlete’s stance

juin 19 2019

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Minimizing stress through training – a biathlete’s stance

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Mental stress is a decisive factor when it comes to hitting the target or missing. Whenever you fire a shot, your goal is a perfect hit. This objective can be a strong motivator, but it can also cause tension that may impair your performance. Biathlete Lukas Hofer has found his approach to handle stress before firing a shot.



(c) Nordic Focus

Knowing the drill and being able to execute the routine flawlessly, helps immensely to find your confidence at the shooting stand. With each repetition, you practice your craft until lifting your firearm, aiming at the target, releasing the shot, and reloading become your second nature.

In biathlon competitions, speed is vital. Thus, time pressure is a constant stress. At the end of the day, fast running combined with precise shooting will make you a winner or loser. Constantly shifting between endurance (cross-country) and static concentration (shooting), biathletes are forced to be experts in both fields.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Lukas Hofer, biathlete and Olympic medalist from Italy

How to minimize mental stress before firing a shot? For Lukas, knowing he still has reserves in his body left helps him relax and keep calm. Even if he misses a shot (biathletes then have to either run some extra distance or receive a time penalty), he can feel confident and is still able to deliver an outstanding performance.

So, stamina is trained every day. Lukas especially enjoys running through the Alpine forests of the Antholz valley accompanied by Blacky, his Border Collie. These jogs give him time to clear his head and concentrate on himself only, as be consciously and mindfully takes every step. Being in nature makes Lukas feel at ease, which is why he loves to spend the night in a tent high up in the mountains. Watching the sun go down and rise from these spectacular viewpoints fills his heart with joy and peace.

In order to constantly improve his skills, gaining self-confidence through extensive precision training is key. Each year in May, Lukas starts shooting to prepare for the next winter season. When do you start training for the next season?

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