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“The fitter your body is, the stronger your mind will be.” – Lukas Hofer, biathlete and Olympic medalist

juin 17 2019

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“The fitter your body is, the stronger your mind will be.” – Lukas Hofer, biathlete and Olympic medalist

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Olympic medalist Lukas Hofer was born into a family of sportspeople in South Tyrol (Alto Adige), Italy. With his parents and sisters very much engaged in cross-country skiing and biathlon, he realized that becoming a professional athlete was his calling at a young age. Since then, he has been training relentlessly to push his limits and hone his skills ever more. Medals won both in the World Cup as well as in the Olympic Games are proof to his talent, dedication, and willpower. This honest biathlete shares his insights into shooting under stress.

Whenever hunters aim at a living creature, their goal is to hit as precisely as possible to minimize animal pain. In order to perfect shooting skill and to reach that level of professionalism when handling your rifle, training and experience will immensely help you to keep your cool in those intense moments.



(c) Nordic Focus

Biathlete Lukas Hofer fires up to 16,000 shots per year. In competitions, he fires at targets with a diameter of 4.5 cm, about 1.8 inch, (prone) or 11.5 cm, about 4.5 inch, (standing) at a distance of 50 m, about 164 foot. He persistently hones his shooting skills optimizing aiming positions, magazine exchange, and rifle handling in general. In order to keep your cool after having skied several kilometers up and down the country, you need to be in excellent shape and you must be able to rely on your physique to know the drill.

Mens sana in corpore sano

Apart from talent, passion, and dedication, Lukas Hofer’s success is based on his profound knowledge of his body’s strengths and weaknesses. He understands what he is capable of in that moment and mindfully pushes his limits, focusing on the small milestones, which drive him forward. Discipline in training all aspects of biathlon including cross-country skiing and shooting (prone and standing) is paramount in this endeavor. However, above all other things, Lukas’ number one drive is joy. Performing his sport gets him excited every morning and the thrill to become better at something he loves dearly pushes him further to achieve more than he ever hoped for.

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