The new CL Companion – the freedom to make it your own

10. octobre 2017


The world of the CL Companion is as individual as you are. Choose from three accessory packages created to express your personal style.


The new CL Companion binoculars – the freedom to experience more

2. octobre 2017


Improved viewing, intuitive use, individual style – the CL Companion binoculars are a new generation of binoculars for travel and leisure. The latest product in the CL family sets new standards with its advanced optical and mechanical design. The binoculars are easy to use and guarantee excellent viewing comfort with extraordinary image quality. Thanks to its very special features, the CL Companion is the perfect companion for anyone seeking the freedom to experience more during their travel or leisure activities.


Learning to be a Kestrel. Update & preview from Kestrels at Close Quarters

25. août 2017

#Digiscoping #Bird watching

By August, all young Kestrels have fledged. The juveniles now have to spread their wings, learn how to hunt and to be responsible for themselves. See the progress on the upcoming TV documentary on the Common kestrel, filmed with Swarovski Optik STX scopes.

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